SEO Friendly website

SEO friendly website

There are a few steps to properly optimize your site design for ultimate flexibility for global visitation. There are several considerations when developing an international website, but these few considerations are imperative:

  • On-page copy. Your web design needs to flow well to accommodate machine translation. Test and make adjustments as needed, ensuring a language barrier doesn’t cause a loss in conversions.
  • Page speed. The speed of loading and navigating your site is very important. It becomes even more essential when reaching a global audience. Instead of serving your site from one location, you have to improve page speeds by offering it from the server nearest your visitors.
  • Design elements. Research the perception of colors and symbols within your target audience and adapt as needed. Also be sure to adjust any icons, graphics or logos for proper language use.
  • Currency. If you’re an e-commerce brand offering international shipping, make sure you enable users to convert their purchases into their own currency. Give users the option, and make the process as easy as possible for them.

Customize SEO strategies

Taking your search engine marketing strategies international is a mixture of the right search engines, understanding keywords and localizing your content.

Discover which search engines are used in the markets you’re going to target. In the United States, we know Google, Bing and Yahoo to be the top search engines. Globally, however, this is very different. Often, other countries use more localized search engines, as English-language based search engines do not always work as well for niche, cultural content.

It’s important to work with native speakers with expertise in search marketing to develop content and optimize your website. This local connection will allow you to discover the best native keywords that should be associated with your site and its corresponding content. Don’t serve second-rate content to your international audiences on your website or through social media; localize your messaging for each market you serve.


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